Pitch6 completes iJAM Tier 2 Funding

Pitch6, first startup under 123JumpStart to complete Tier 2 funding.

123JumpStart is proud to announce our very first completion of Tier 2 project, Pitch6 on 1st of April 2015. Congratulations to Carl Wong, founder of Pitch6 and his team!

Pitch6 having completed their Tier 2 funding of $200,000, has managed to gain substantial traction in Indonesia which is their primary market of focus. Just a brief background, Pitch6 is a mobile social platform that allows users to record and share 6 second looping videos similar to the popular app, Vine but with a twist: they enable brands to start campaigns to crowdsource video content for their brands to generate publicity. To date, Pitch6 has completed campaigns with Brands Essence of Chicken as well as with Indosat promoting their e-commerce website, Cipika.

Their future plans would be to generate a community of creatives in the Indonesian market producing ads for advertisers and distribution of these creatives through an aggregation of Instagram influencers.

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